Marriage Prep Resources.You’re engaged. Congratulations! “Living a marriage that is joy-filled”

Unveiled Revealed was created by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond to mix wedding evangelization and preparation. This revolutionary video-based solution offers a consistent, comprehensive, and captivating method of marriage preparation. Unveiled allows you to definitely make sure the integrity associated with the theological and practical content, concentrate your time and effort on training facilitator couples to be story-telling evangelists, and implement a dynamic academic methodology that integrates stunning news. Revealed can be utilized as an on-line course that is e-learning run at the parish level, or provided from the diocesan scale.

Once the Cake is fully gone If the Cake is finished will be based upon the “Back to Back, one on one and Shoulder to Shoulder” (corresponding to your three vows of Christian marriages) type of marriage enrichment developed by Dr. Healy. Over 100,000 copies have already been bought. Dioceses and parishes often supply the CD to all or any the involved partners who undergo their programs. (więcej…)

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