Love on the Cloud: The increase of internet dating in China

Chinese online dating sites solutions have cultivated ever more popular while they draw on conventional Chinese relationship values such as for instance product safety and marriage-focused relationships.

Originally posted by US-China Today on July 17, 2017. Published by Jialin Li & Anna Lipscomb.

When auto that is 30-year-old supervisor Zhou Yixin joined up with internet dating during the behest of her cousin surviving in Beijing, she failed to be prepared to fulfill her steady boyfriend of 2 yrs. Unlike in first-tier towns like Beijing and Shanghai, where new styles emerge and society that is quickly permeate Zhou had been considered an earlier adopter within the second-tier town Yantai in Shandong Province whenever she began internet dating into the very very early 2010s.

She felt an increasing amount of pressure from her family to get married when zhou reached her late twenties. (więcej…)

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