The creatives that are nasty Fort Troff designed a lube a couple of years ago that uncannily resembles cum.

4. Fort Troff Cum Lube

It dries away quicker so I suppose this fact adds to its realism than I would like, but so does actual cum when used as lube. With this stuff if you love the look and feel of cum (and who doesn’t?) and have bukkake fantasies that you are unwilling or unready to live out (or if you are in a two-person, monogamous relationship), get a buddy to shower you. Simply swallow that is don’t — it sadly does not taste like cum, and it is nonedible.

5. J-Lube

For generations, Crisco had been the lube that is go-to dudes into fisting, until J-Lube effortlessly kicked Crisco off its high pedestal. J-Lube cougar life desktop may be the slickest, slipperiest, gunkiest gunk We have ever found in my entire life. Such a thing and anything you’ve ever wished to know about J-Lube happens to be meticulously answered by a J-Lube enthusiast called Bryan (last name unknown) who has got produced a manically comprehensive web site in regards to the stuff is unaffiliated aided by the business that produces it — Jorgensen Laboratories, a supplier that is veterinary. (Yes, J-Lube had been made for pets.)


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